Howdy there! Thanks for taking a trip across information-land to reach this page. I’ll be using this fraction of web space to document my internal thought processes and to detail animation development which may be of interest to some. This will be an online journal. Here I will explore new concepts and try to cultivate a fully imagined world for my stop motion series: Amaravella.

Please forgive me in advance for digressing or for sounding overly grandiose. However you came across this page, you may not find the answers you were originally looking for. But you might find something else worthwhile... a seed for your dreams perhaps.

In light of all that you may find here, please remember that I have spent many midnight hours concocting and forming my ideas. I have chosen to share my intellectual property on this website to inspire and evoke an ongoing interest in my work. Therefore I trust my intellectual property won’t be undermined by being reused or scraped from its original source.

Regardless, if you are inspired by what you find here and are interested in collaborating, then do send me a message via my Contact page as I would love to hear from you!